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Unusual interview questions

Unusual interview questions and how best to answer them

Most of us expect the usual questions; ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’ during an interview. However, some companies are resorting to more unusual questions in order to secure the best calibre candidates for a role.

Interview presentation advice

Interview presentation advice

Interviews can be daunting at the best of times, but when asked to write a presentation as part of the process, most candidates are terrified at the prospect of talking at length about a particular subject. Following our advice on interview presentation should help you to feel a little more confident when standing in front […]

Resignation letter

How to resign from your job (with example letter)

These days, it is rare for a person to stay employed with one company forever. It is inevitable therefore that at some point during your career, you will need to write a letter of resignation.

Preparing for job interview questions

How to answer common interview questions

Although it’s impossible to know what an employer is going to ask you in an interview, there are some questions which tend to come up quite often. Being prepared for these types of questions will put you in a great position to keep the conversation going, and to impress the interviewers.

Overqualified for the job

Why an employer won’t hire an overqualified candidate

Being overqualified sounds like a great position to be in, but you may be surprised to know that employers sometimes won’t consider a candidate who has more experience and qualifications than necessary.

Social media for job hunting

How important is social media when searching for a job?

Billions of people around the world connect and communicate via social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some social media websites are geared towards the professional and allow you to showcase your skills and qualifications, whilst others sites are for fun and staying connected with family and friends.

Work history

Is the work history section of your CV losing you interviews?

If you find yourself applying for one job after the next but you’re just not getting those all-important interview calls, it’s time to take a look at your CV and see if it is letting you down. One area that job seekers frequently struggle with is the work history section. Sometimes, the way this information […]


The 3 things an employer wants to see on your CV

Writing a great CV is all about balancing what the employer is looking for with not providing too much detail that you put the reader to sleep. There are certain things an employer wants to see on a CV if you want to stand any chance of getting an interview, and if just one of […]

CV myths

6 CV myths – fact or fiction?

If you’re looking for help online on how to write the perfect CV, then you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide logon every single day to search for the best tips and secrets to writing a CV that ‘stands out’, and with so much information available it’s easy to understand why. But is everything you […]

How and where to search for jobs online

When embarking upon a job hunt, for most people, the first port of call is the internet. With an overabundance of job boards and recruitment agencies, where exactly do you start? We have outlined the most effective ways of getting you started on your job search. Job Boards Over the years, the number of job […]